Realizing the need for people in the body of Christ to find healing, we (Bob and Joan Phillips) have worked for some years now to put together a step by step process with visuals and prophetic acts to walk someone through to a new level of healing in their lives.

It is an easy process led by the Holy Spirit that walks people through four areas of freedom.  They include Generational Sins, Hurts of the Heart, Right and Wrong Thinking and Tearing  Down Strongholds.

We are pleased to go to different places and take people through the ministry and also train others to do the ministry.  We believe God is calling people to a new season of wholeness in their lives to go forward to their destinies with new joy and strength.  God is calling forth a Joshua/Caleb generation to go in and take the promise land of the abundant life He has called us to live.

As people enter new freedom and healing in their hearts and align their thinking to agree with God’s Word, physical healing often follow.

Our home is in Coeur d’ Alene Idaho, and our home church is The Cause. Last year we were in Romania for 3 months. Since 1991, we have ministered there and also in Poland, Bulgaria, Moldova, Egypt and different states in the US.  If you are interested in the ministry, you can contact us at [email protected].  Our phone number is 541-206-4431.

Many Blessings,

Bob and Joan

Ministry:  Freedom Through Christ presents a personalized, individual ministry that offers people revelation and tools to enter into a deeper healing and freedom.  It is a simple Holy Spirit directed ministry that offers a step by step approach with visuals and prophetic activations that allow you to hear, see and experience healing.

Purpose:  To set the “Real You” free to fulfill your unique destiny in Christ.

Results:  Have a sense of your godly identity.  Identify lies you have believed about yourself and God and replace them with the truth.  Learn to use godly coping techniques.  Make good choices. Celebrate your life.  Know you are a gift of love, and to be able to share that love.

Individual Ministry:  FTC involves a time commitment of about three to four hours for the initial ministry.  In addition, one hour of specific issue sessions are available when needed.

Group Ministry:  We also do groups with individual specific help sessions available after the group sessions, when needed.

Areas Covered:  Sins of the Fathers, Soul Ties, Soul Battles, Hurts of the Heart, Right and Wrong Thinking, Vows and Judgments, Demonic Oppression, and a Final Session for Couples who have both gone through the individual ministry.

Training:  Presentations of FTC and individual and Team Training is available.

Love Offering:  We ask for a love offering which we use for mission work and to offset the cost of doing the ministry.  We don’t use any of it for our own personal needs.

In addition we do teaching and activation for the following areas:

  • Hearing From God and Activating Your Gifts
  • Epigenetics and new scientific discoveries that help you understand how your mind and body work together as God designed them to do
  • The Power of Your Thoughts and Emotions
  • Addictions
  • Changing Your Thinking to Agree with God’s Word
  • Training and Assistance to Establish a Healing Ministry.

10 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Awesome website. Charlie and I are letting you and your ministry up in prayer. Gods blessings during this season. We love you. C n J

    1. Cheri, Dan and Catrina were with us for holidays. Had a wonderful time. Got to see Charlie. We is doing awesome. We are in Hilton Head SC for two weeks Loving it. Praying for you both. Love

  2. bob and joan….just sent a group back to Nome this evening. I just wanted you to know that I am proud of you both and proud to call you my friends. Merry Christmas, Larry Peru

  3. Bob and Joan you huge heart full of love for God’s people is so far reaching. Mike and I send our blessings and prayers. Great website!

  4. It is so awesome to know what you are doing. May God grant you many more testimonies of freedom and healing. Also, we are doing very well at Regent Life. Thanks for your prayers!

  5. A remnant of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ is being absorbed into and left upon every soul and heart your ministry touches! A spirit of heavenly proportions is on both of you, and even greater awaits as you embark on the path He has put upon your hearts and in the breadth of His glorious embrace and light preceding you! What a phenomenal promise and picture! It is all about Him!!!!

  6. Wherever you go, I believe you leave a sweet fragrance of devoutness, healing, restoration and kindness. God is always faithful and showing His favor over those who diligently seek His face. I’m thankful for your ministry and for not giving up on believing in a change for the best in people through Jesus’ help. You’re amazing!

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