Newsletter November


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October was full of activity for us here in Romania. We’ve taken 25 people through FTC. At the end of the month, we had 60 people that came to our two night teaching and activation on Hearing From God at Bookafe. So far we’ve had really good feedback from both. We are doing it again here at Salem on November 8th.

The director at the orphanage doesn’t trust Americans and makes it difficult to do more than a one time visit taking treats. Instead we found an open door to go to the gypsy village of Lazarine. Lazarine is about 30 minutes by car from where we live. We found we can make an impact there where the need is so very great. The first visit to check it out we took over 100 bananas for the kids along with some chips and a bag of candy. About 110 children and around 400 adults live in the village.

It’s very sad to see all the bad teeth at the village. We saw a young man with his jaw so swollen from a tooth ache that it hurt just to look at it. . A dentist from town volunteered to help out if we had a portable dental unit he could use there. Brian Matthews raised the money from business associates to buy it, and it is already ordered.  We hope to have it in use by the end of November.

Two different groups have a vision to transform the village from one that is dependent on a very small subsidy from the government to one that is self-supporting with trades and cottage industry type items they can sell. Bob helped put the windows in a building that will become the woodshop. Joan had fun teaching the ladies to use a few sewing machines that were donated, and we’ll add knitting items to the list of crafts next month.

Other news is that Bookafe (New Life Church) wants our help starting a Healing Room. Pastor Cornel and his wife Cami are also going to start training to do FTC in the near future along with two others we have already started to train.

I will tell you cooking here can be challenging about ingredients. Imagine when I thought I had bought what looked like beef only to discover it was baby horsemeat! Thank you, Jesus, I hadn’t cooked it yet and gladly gave it away!

We are very blessed to be here and that God is allowing us to see so many fine young adults with incredible potential moving forward into God’s destiny for them.

Please know how much we value you praying for us. (Especially to not get sick from the gypsy village which is not very clean and has no running water. The nearest well is 2.5 km away!) A huge thank you to our Friends who talk on Skype and email with us. Sometimes we feel pretty lonely and it helps us feel connected.  We hope to have our web page up and running in the next week.

Many blessings on you all,

Bob and Joan