December Newsletter


It’s hard to believe it’s already December. The dental unit arrived safely, and things will be readied to use it soon. A special thanks goes to those who gave to this project.

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It seems like every day is busy with something.  Our latest project was making a library out of several thousand books that had been donated over the years to Salem Church. Bob built some shelves, and they bought some. He put a couch and some furniture in the room. Now it is a cozy place to read, pray or have a small meeting.

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Things are in the works for Christmas events. We will be visiting 2 schools with Salem Church to do a program. There are boxes to get ready for the gypsy children out at the village for Christmas. We will have a little party for the children, and see if we can round up a couple people to use the clown suits we have.  We always try and take out fresh oranges or bananas and also use the ladies baking projects for an after school snack for the kids.


An exciting accomplishment is that Ben has completed the new woodshop (in the old building), and it is now being used. The Lord blessed us to buy some tools and our friend Sally gave money for some more to help add to what they already had.  In the past, the men didn’t have any experience working with wood and tools.  Bob made some patterns for a few wood projects the men will produce to sell.

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Other projects have included teaching knitting. The sewing is continuing with a young lady from Oradea teaching. There is a lady who came from England that is teaching them to crochet this week. I hope to keep the knitting and crocheting going on after they leave.

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We will be adding two new links to our website in the very near future. One is for Empower Romania which is heading up some of the projects in the Village. The second is with Abolishion. Leanne Rhodes is the person in charge of that ministry. It deals with the human trafficking in Romania. What an eye opener and fabulous job she is doing getting things ready to build a shelter for the women here is town.

We thank you for your prayers and support. It is an amazing blessing to be here and watch what the Lord is doing through His people.

Many blessings on you all and may this Christmas season be filled with wonderful memories for you and your loved ones.

Bob and Joan