February Newsletter

Greetings from Romania.

This month was wonderful.  New Life Church started its 21 day Daniel Fast with Prayer Meetings each night that were very well attended.  It showed us how serious the people are to move forward with the Lord.

We did have a Birthday Party for 4 people who all had birthdays within about 10 days of each other.  It was great fun.

IMG_0810  IMG_0802

The next very exciting event was Jess Parker coming and holding meetings from Sunday thru the next Sunday.  The Holy Spirit was there in power and freedom for many people.  We haven’t heard of one person who wasn’t touched by the Lord through the meetings.  In addition, he ministered to many people one on one who found freedom.  After being with him, we had to admire how he doesn’t give up until the enemy does!

IMG_0897  IMG_0889  IMG_0906

We also went out to Lazreni with Jess one day where he taught and then prayed for people there one on one including the little children.

IMG_0838  IMG_0845  IMG_0844

We also started taking our first gypsy through the ministry and have some more lined up to take through this week and continue doing this until we leave.  We have been training a couple who go out to the village with us.  They are doing a fine job and getting ready to do it on their own when we leave.

After Jess left, we had a group over that has been working with us to talk about the meetings and pray for each other and where we go from here.  Pastor Cornel and his wife, Cami, were also here.  We will start having training meetings soon to get ready to open the Place of Prayer at Bookafe to offer Deliverance, Prayer Ministry, and practical help to those in need of it.

IMG_0853  IMG_0821 IMG_0851

Every Saturday morning, they feed about 50 people who come to there from the street or shelters and visit with them, pray for them, and offer help with resumes and other things to help them move forward in their lives.  This week is our turn to help.  Then the day after, Sunday, we will set up and take down after church, so the cafe is ready to open again.

We will try and get some pictures this Saturday, so you can see what it’s like to put on next months Newsletter.

Another exciting thing that has happened is our friend Robin at Arnies Arts and Crafts in Houghton Lake, Michigan are sending us a box full of embroidery supplies and designs.  This will help us to teach the young girls and ladies who want to learn how to do embroidery.  Plus we have some ideas of how to use them to earn money for the village.  I will be stating out there this week or early next week with them.  I think they will love all the colors and doing this.

Without everyones help and prayers we wouldn’t be able to do all these things in the village and in Oradea.  A multitude of thanks go to all of you!

So that’s the news for now.  Until March!!!

Be very blessed with love and joy,

Bob and Joan