Theodora (Romania)

I was praying for a long time for someone like Bob and Joan to come into my life, not just because of who they are but how God can be seen in them.Have you ever wanted to see God’s love in a more tangible way? There was a divine love transfered through them in my life.God sent them in a moment of real desperate time and needed help.I don t think I will ever forget any of the ways they took time to explain the process of Gods healing and restoration and it is so practical and usefull.It s like a tattoo of Gods word in my mind that will remain and I can always look and remind myself of who I am and what the trurh of God says. I have the printed sheets they wrote about the truth og God and the lies of satan . It was so easy for me to believe the lies of Satan for such a long time but just undestanding the truth of God it set me free. I am forever free. I will believe the truth of God about who I am in Christ. There was a complete, blessed and powerful encounter and I am forever thankfull because it really shaped my tomorrow. My today is diffrent because I choose to be honest and let God show me the truth about every aspect of my life. I believe every family,every church, every person should experience the freedom of talking to someone about their life and then watch the miracles of God.Through people like Bob and Joan who understood their calling and followed His heart I encourage you to step up in faith and think about your life, look for the freedom you can have in Christ and embrace the truth of His word.If you can don t miss the chance to recieve healing and freedom.I hope you are inspired and encouraged Be blessed