May Newsletter

GOD IS ON THE MOVE! And He is using His people to do wonderful things as a team to accomplish His purposes.

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The results of many people working together made it possible to get the dental unit up and running. After we got the unit, we discovered it was missing the connections that actually make it operable. Our young dentist from Brazil, Joanna, got those connections, which were expensive, and put them together. So now any dentist who comes to help can even clean teeth with the unit.

A doctor in the nearby village offered a free room in his office with running water to have a clean, safe, and legal place to use the unit. Then another one offered the use of his sterilization unit which is about a $3,000 unit for use. I believe someone else gave all the supplies and materials needed in addition to the unit to actually work on teeth.

Anyway, the awesome news is that it is finally up and running! We are thanking God for everyone who listened to the Lord’s leading to make it all happen. It took a team. What an amazing impact for the village to have Joanna offering her time and money to stay and help actually do all the dental work. We pray she will be richly blessed beyond measure for her heart to help in such a great way.

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An Easter Party for the children at the village was a great time with butterfly cookies, colored boiled eggs, drinks, chocolate eggs, and fruit bread. They also got to watch the “Jesus” movie. There were balloons and for the smallest children we had little stuffed monkeys to give to them.

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The sewing gang finished the quilts they were making and sold them. This brought big smiles on pay day as it was the first time they had earned money from what they created. We also sold some pillows they made. Next came more pillows and embroidering greeting cards for Mandy to take to Australia.

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The men made more benches and sold 10 of them already. Work started on fencing they are making which was presold. Above are pictures of the 4 men who are working at the wood shop with a little bit about them. They are still looking for sponsors for some of the men to give them a small wage while they are in training for 13 months.

Another exciting thing that has happened is that there was nothing for the teen boys at Lazareni. Beni who does the work shop had a burden for them.  Since he loves soccer (which is a big thing in Romania) he offered to start working with the boys 2 afternoons a week teaching then to work together as a team and have something to look forward to after school.

Our friends, Brian and Robin in Michigan at Arnies Arts and Crafts, offered to design and supply the team with soccer shirts. This is like a really big deal. The boys don’t have many clothes and to have a special team shirt is something very impacting to them. Then our friend, Sally, gave money to buy the backstops and level and prepare a playing field for them.   Robin mailed the package to Romania, so we will have it hopefully when we get back on May 16th to take out to the village. We are hoping to get pictures of the team wearing their new shirts playing a game.

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Work is going forward on the kitchen at Lazareni.  Above is the new stove still packaged up waiting for the cupboards to be finished.

Bookafe is hoping to have the Place of Prayer open starting in May.  So all in all, things are moving forward at a great pace.

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We left Romania to celebrate our birthdays and meet up with friends we will be taking back to Romania. So for the next two weeks we will be on the move heading back that way from Barcelona. This is also an early celebration for our 40th anniversary in June. Here are some pictures of before and after. Wow! Where did all the years go, and who are those old people? We still feel young inside and thankful for God’s grace that we are able to do all we have been doing.

We pray for many blessings to overtake you, and we are so thankful for the prayers and wonderful things you have done to make it all happen.

Bob and Joan