June Newsletter


The month of May took us out of Romania for awhile to meet up with our friends, Bob and Sharon Calhoun, and Brian and Cheryl Matthews. When the six of us went back into Romania it was a great time to say the least.


Brian got to share on Sunday morning at New Life Church and did a great job. Afterwards we had a pizza party for about 20 of the young adults at the church.


The next adventure was to go out to the gypsy village. Our friends, Robin and Brian from Michigan, sent a box with wonderful gifts for the village sewing group to use. Inside the box were the coveted soccer shirts that Brian designed. They were awesome and the guys were very excited to get them. There were only some of the guys there who would wear the shirts.   The younger boys who were at school will love wearing them during the games they play.


What was really fun was that we got to take a very special treat with us. 200 ice creams were loaded up covered in ice for the village kids. There was enough ice cream left over for the workers and for the kindergarten and after school kids for the next day also.
IMG_1182   IMG_1323

While we were there we got to go to the office Joanna, the dentist, is using. It was amazing what she had accomplished in just a short time.  She was hard at work and had done 64 patients already when we were there.  Her work is continuing each day to bless more of the people so in need of it in the village.. So the dental unit so many of you helped us get is really getting a work out!

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The kitchen is well on the way to be completed.  Along with the oven they needed a refrigerator.  With the help of our friends, we were able to give the money for them to purchase a nice one. They still needed a mixer and some other kitchen tools we were able to take out with us for them.

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Brian, Bob and Bob were able to go to the same orphanage we went to last May. Brian was hoping to find a couple of the young men he bonded with on the last trip. What a blessing that they were out on the sidewalk when the men arrived! They took cookies for the orphanage and the boys were excited and remembered Brian right away and ran up to him. The two Bob’s got to see the the trophies for sports one of the boys had won.  He was so proud to show both the Bob’s while Brian arm wrestled the boys in the kitchen.

The final day at Bookafe we told everyone we would be available for three hours to meet with people. Instead of maybe a few people showing up, there was a steady stream waiting to share and be encouraged and prayed for by us all. It was a wonderful time.

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The very best thing the whole time was seeing the love in the hearts of the people who received us. We are convinced we receive so much more than we give, because of the amazing quality of the people who have such wonderful hearts and openness to share their lives with us. 

We will be returning to Oregon June 15th after a couple more weeks traveling with our friends through Europe. We do know we will be doing some training for some people in Eugene about our ministry for healing hurts of the heart. We also hope to gather up ideas and samples for new projects for the gypsy village to help continue the work they are doing to improve their lives.

Freedom Through Christ Romania

This has been an amazing season in our lives In Romania that we are forever grateful we got to be a part of.  Cornel and Cami received us with so much love and helped us so much more than we can express.  We are extremely blessed by all of you who gave and encouraged and prayed for us while we delivered what you so generously gave. It seems that this is just the beginning, and God has more coming up that we can be a part of in the months ahead.  It will be exciting to see what unfolds.

Many blessings on you all,

Bob and Joan