July Newsletter

Greetings from Oregon


It’s hard to believe this is the last day in July!  We are almost finished building a small one bedroom one bath cottage on our friends, Brian and Cheryl Matthews property.  In return for building it, we will be able to stay here and have a place to come and go from until the Lord shows us our next step.  Once we complete the cottage, hopefully in the next two weeks, we can pray about what to do or where to go next.  Our partner in ministry and friend, Dennis Bohnstehn, is working on plastering it for us today.  And… it is over 104 degrees today!  What a huge blessing he and Kim have been to our ministry for years now.  They have always encouraged us so much.


For many years we have had a dream and even a prophecy about having a center where people can come for healing ministry, training and equipping.  Having a property where we could have some of the young adults from Romania come to receive ministry and be trained would be a dream come to pass.  In addition to this, we would love to finish training and establishing some places of prayer and ministry in Romania and other places God might open doors for us to do this at.

Here is part of the prophecy we received from Bishop Hammond who didn’t know us in August of 2003.

“There’s going to be many, many young people gather around you wanting wisdom, wanting counsel.  And you are going to develop that training center…that equipping center… that place where you are going to co-labor with.  Make the vision known.  Write it and make it plain.

Birth pains are coming says the Lord, and you’re going to give birth.  When you give birth, others can help you nurture it.  I will not give birth pains without birthing says the Lord.  The ministry will come forth.  You will have the physical place the people and the resources, and it shall be accomplished.  You will accomplish more in your later years than you accomplished all your years before.”

It seems like now is the time to reach out for the dream.  We are certainly in our later years!!!  We’ve never actually written it out before, so we wanted to be sure we were obedient to the word we were given.


We’ve been looking on line at northern Idaho and in northeastern Washington near the Idaho border at places with acreage.  Not that we are limited to that area.  It seems like a good idea to be out in the country,  yet with  an airport nearby.  That way it would be convenient for us and other people to fly in and out.  Right now it is just a dream.  But hey!  Without dreams, you have nowhere to aim.


While we are here in Oregon, we have been asked to do some training and ministry at our church with FICM.  In the meantime, God is always faithful to bring people across our paths to encourage.  It’s great that we are able to stay in contact with the young adults in Romania via email and Skype.  We sure do miss everyone there.

This is a wonderful new season of opportunity.  May you be richly blessed as God prepares you for this time ahead.  May doors of opportunity be opened for the dreams in your heart to come to pass.
Many blessings,

Bob and Joan