May Newsletter

Greetings from Georgia!

Our latest news is that we have moved to Georgia for this new season in our lives.  We are pretty excited to see what God has in mind for us.  Free Chapel in Gainesville is our new church home where Jentezen Franklin is head Pastor.


When we left Oregon, we left behind a new team trained to do FTCM.  Clark and Laura Casewell are leading the team, and each person in the team has wonderful gifts to contribute to the ministry.  Each one has an amazing heart to reach out to others with truth and love.  It’s going to be such a blessing to hear what they have done and how God is bringing new freedom to others through them.

IMG_1851 IMG_1852

To update you on the village of Lazareni in Romania the news is that we sent some money for them to make baby cribs for the children who had been sleeping on the floor and getting bitten by rats or in beds with the older children.  This was difficult because it kept the older children awake with the wiggling and made it hard for them in school when they didn’t get enough sleep.  Thank you so much to those of you who gave towards this worthy cause.  This didn’t just help the babies and school kids.   The men in the woodworking shop found a new project to bless their village and also to increase their skills.

Besides that look what the men did!  They brought in the young men in the village and taught them to make the cribs also!  What a blessing.

IMG_1846 copy IMG_1845

New ladies have been added in the sewing project now.  Once again they are sharing their skills by bringing in some of the younger girls to teach them how to embroider and sew.

IMG_1848 IMG_1849

More cards were also purchased from the village.  Our special friends in Michigan, Robin and Brian at Arnies Arts and Crafts, are selling them for us once again.  Proceeds from the cards can go back onto the village for more supplies. What a huge blessing for us to see!  God has a way of multiplying what you give and do and spreading it to bless many others.  This is only the beginning of the wonderful things God has in store.  Our prayer is that God will send us back to Romania this fall.  A part of our hearts remain there with the people it was so easy to love and admire.


In May, we had an opportunity to meet up with our friend, Jess Parker, who has TDS Ministries out of Yuba City CA  for a conference in Chattanooga TN.  Jess has a very powerful ministry to teach and train people how to recognize and defeat demonic activity in the lives of believers.  There are some great people in Chattanooga that we got to meet.  Since we are neighbors now, we hope to meet up with them again in the near future.

Our new home we bought should be ready for us to move into by early June.  After that, it won’t take us long to be up and running again.  So we are hoping to keep updating the newsletter more often again.

May you be very blessed and find divine appointments each day in your lives as you go forward on your journey to your destiny with our Wonderful Lord.

Bob and Joan