Fall 2016

WOW! It feels like summer just zipped by so quickly we wonder where it went! We started out going to Free Chapel which is an amazing church. We were so blessed to be there and still watch it online. After several months because it is so large, we wanted to find a smaller place where it would be easier to develop relationships. 12 Stone Church Braselton Campus is where we ended up. Pastor, Dan, is an awesome pastor and the people are so very friendly. They are doing an amazing job reaching out to make everyone feel like they are important and matter.

We have been blessed to help out at Sunday School and on the Prayer Team and took our first person through our FTC Ministry. She was an amazing lady and here is her testimony that she sent to Pastor Dan about the ministry. She is allowing us to use on our website.


“The Spiritual healing that I received in that three hour process was amazing. It is such a personal and loving setting that allows you to forgive yourself as God has forgiven you. Let God, let go as we woman in Small Group say. They always used the Word of God to support the truth. It was a spiritual cleansing.”

This past six months we have been privileged to meet and do prayer ministry with and for an incredible group of people from Chattanooga Tennessee. We were also able to do some teaching there and will be going back with our friends, Bob and Sharon Calhoun and Brian and Cheryl Matthews, to do an all day Saturday ministry in October. Each of us will be sharing different parts about activating our gifts. Our hearts are filled with excitement to see what God will do not only for them but for us as a team doing ministry together. Here is an email we received from Pat and Jim in Chattanooga.

“We first met Bob and Joan in April 2016. Then in June 2016, we heard them teach about the orphan spirit. After hearing the teaching, we realized the orphan spirit described our lives. We set up an appointment to go through the entire Freedom Through Christ Ministry. WOW! We were blessed beyond description! The lights turned on! And God gave us more and more freedom as hidden lies were revealed and replaced with the truth.

It was like my heart was “found” as God’s love shone in upon it. Love for my husband was multiplied. Love for Jesus grew. Joy. Peace. Delight. Just put simple “freedom through Christ!” Our lives have been strengthened, grounded, and encouraged through the Biblical principals of FTCM.

Then Bob and Joan shared even more by coming to our home in Chattanooga and letting us observe and take part while some of our family and friends went through the FTCM. Bob and Joan are teaching us how to share the FTCM with others. It’s so interesting when we see people who are hurting, struggling, and searching for help, and knowing we can offer this ministry to them as well.”

This is what we love to do and is our passion in life. Our prayer is that we might go to other places and not only share but train more and more people to do FTCM. The steps are easy, and so many people are holding regrets and things in their heart that need healing. So many of us know the truth in our heads, but getting it down to our hearts is a journey. FTCM helps us on this journey. Each time we take someone through or teach, God touches our hearts in a deeper way.

We are all on this incredible journey to a new place we have never been before and a new season in God’s time table. To go as a team helping and encouraging each other with the tools we need and our gifts activated is such a gift from the Lord. How can we ever thank Him enough except to give our lives to Him and follow the pathways He has had planned for us since before we were even born? Eph. 2:10

Our plan, God willing, is to go to Southern California for November and December to help some friends with their business. Not only can we help them, but we can earn some money that will allow us to go to Romania again in February/March and also to England to be with our young adult Romanian friends there. We get to encourage and be encouraged and have an adventure with them and the Lord as He opens up some doors for us there to do ministry there.

The months here have been good for us to study and learn even more and to edit our manual with the things we are learning and finding to be more effective. Our hearts are very full of thankfulness and expectation for the plans God has for us in the days and months to come.

We pray many blessings on all of you and thank you from our hearts for your love, prayers and support you have given us. Being able to share makes everything so much richer, so it is our joy that you allow us to do that.

May you dream big dreams, because we have a big God, and be blessed as you see them come to pass with joy in your hearts.

P.S. More testimonies are available to read under “Testimonies” on our home page menu.

Bob and Joan Phillips