Alex and Bianca (Romania)



When I first meant Bob and Joan, it was at church. They ministered to me and found out about my relationship with my father from my childhood. During the ministry I felt that I went back when I was a little girl and my dad promised me things that he never did. Before that I saw God only through Jesus. Never was God like a Father to me. I didn’t really understand that because my real father didn’t have time to spend with me.  He loves me, but because of the work he never was home and always too tired to spend time with me.
This ministry helped me so much, because since then I opened my eyes to see my Heavenly Father. It helps me to break every chain and generational bondage.  Also, during that time I just met a Christian boy.  He also went to see Bob and Joan to minister to him.
After that we became close to each other and wanted to know more about Him. Without Bob and Joan, I don’t know if today we would be married. They gave us encouragement and wisdom in our relationship.


Since this amazing couple come in my life, I get encouraged and helped to pass a lot of my fears.  They helped me to let down a lot of things from my past.  My healing helped me to step in my destiny like a child of God. Through this blessed people, I see God totally differently.  Because I had no father to guide me, I saw a distorted God who was like my father.  I have experienced a time like when I was in my mother womb. I wanted to came out from it, because when I was there my father spoke bad words on my mother’s life.  This afected me while I was in the womb. From this ministry, Bob and Joan helped me and Bianca get closer, our gifts are growing, and I helped Bianca encouraging her and helping her and sustaining her.  This ministry was a great blessing.  They believed in us, and now we are married just from 1 and a half year from ministry.  We  bless each other with our presence, and we spoke to other people with this good news.  We are examples for others.  We pray for them and encourage them healing them physically and spiritually.  What this couple gave us, we gave forward to others.  We folow their example and their advice every time we talk with them. We love them.  Bob is the single person who told me if I was his boy, he will be very proud. About my wife they told the same thing.  We feel like their children, and we are grateful for that.  These people revolutionized our lives. We love you Bob and Joan.