Bianca (Romania)

I remember few years ago when Bob and Joan came to my church and they did some ministries. I don’t know how but I didn’t get the chance to talk too much with them or to get through the ministry they were doing. Of course after that I kept hearing my friends saying how great it was and how much it helped them. I was sorry I didn’t participate too. Not so long time ago I heard Bob and Joan are coming back to my church. I was very happy to hear that and very excited to participate to their ministry. This time I wouldn’t lose the chance, so I finally did it. I scheduled a meeting with them.
Going through Freedom through Christ ministry with Bob and Joan was a real blessing for me. I went to this meeting just simply to talk with them about my problems, concerns, insecurities, worries and simply ask some advice in different areas of my life. It is so good to have around you wise and trustful people with whom you can talk about anything you are going through. I was very worried and discouraged when I went to this meeting, having a lot of questions in my mind, a lot of fears also. We prayed for the things I was dealing with and proclaimed victory on every situation. I could feel the presence of God during this meeting and the peace that came over me after that. I stopped thinking negative and being discourage and insecure. I understood much better why some things happen in life, things about my family, my past, my present and my future. Now I have peace and know that God is in control of everything, it is easier now, for me, to believe that and just stay calm in every circumstance knowing that my father, my God is fighting for me. He was, He is and He will always be with me.
Spending time with Bob and Joan made me want to spend more time with Jesus, praying more and simply being sensitive on what He wants to tell or to do through me. They are so loving people, by simply talking with them you can feel the love of God. I encourage everyone who get a chance to go through this ministry, to do it without no more thinking. It helps a lot. You will be blessed and encouraged. 🙂