Clark Casewell (Oregon)


Clark Casewell (Oregon)

 The Freedom Through Christ program has been a very powerful tool for my wife and I. Even as dedicated believers of 30+ years it was amazing to discover how much hurt and emotional scars we were still carrying around that we weren’t even aware of.

Our story was a little unique because we were getting ready to be trained by Bob and Joan to lead others through the FTCM process. They indicated that before we could go through the training or lead others through the program we needed to experience it for ourselves. This, of course, made great sense and we embraced the opportunity to grow further in our faith and spiritual journey. Little did we realize how powerful it was going to be in our lives.

What is so amazing and powerful about the program is the way it naturally tailors itself to the maturity level and spiritual experience of the recipient. Regardless of the background and spiritual path one has taken to this point in their life, the program speaks right to them at the level that the Holy Spirit has prepared them for. By it’s design it is customized by the Holy Spirit to minister to everyone from caring and nurturing families and backgrounds, to those with very traumatic and painful pasts.

We have now had the privilege of leading many other people through the program. Without fail, a lot of tears flow, lies of the enemy are exposed and replaced with right scripturally-based Godly thinking, forgiveness and healing are received, and true freedom in Christ is launched in their lives.