Gyöngyi (Romania)

“I am happy that I took part in Freedom Through Christ Ministries, and I am very thankful for Bob and Joan. They welcome your thoughts and treat you with love, support and respect. I really feel that they opened my eyes, and I found out lot of things about my life (in the past and present), and things that were right in front of me, I just never thought of them. I remember how playful and smart was the process and I am amazed how everything makes sense now.

They helped me to recognize my destiny, my journey, my gifts and to stick to my God given identity. I used to struggle with anxiety, but I barely had any anxiety issues since this ministry and I am just extremely thankful for this wonderful experience. We all need to allow God to work in our lives and to see everything through His eyes, because He loves us.

It really was a blessing to meet Bob and Joan and I highly recommend Freedom Through Christ Ministries to everyone.”