Laura Casewell

Laura Casewell (Oregon)

FTCM has been very impacting for me. The simple but profound truth of who I am in Christ was something I had been struggling with all my adult life since I believed I was a “mistake.” Promises don’t apply to mistakes, and “mistakes” weren’t part of the original plan…that’s what I struggled with. But since my encounter with the truth of who I am in Jesus I feel like a different person! I am walking in the truth the Holy Spirit spoke to me…God had a specific reason for me to be born! Just know that I am having a blast walking that out!

Since Clark and I have become facilitators of FTCM, I have enjoyed watching others walk into the freedom that Jesus intended for us all along. I love being a part of this ministry, and I love even more watching the faces of others when they allow the Holy Spirit to break off the power of the lies they have been living under!

I am blessed every day from having gone through this and am so thankful to the two of you for being obedient to God’s calling on your lives to this ministry. I really am grateful!