Foundational Teaching


Freedom Though Christ Ministries covers four major areas in our lives that can hold us back in our walk with God.  These area are: Generational Sins, Hurts of the Heart, Right and Wrong Thinking, and Spiritual Strongholds.  FTCM gives you new freedom tools to go forward to your destiny in life and to walk in your true identity as a child of God.

A  sin like abandonment or rejection can cause a hurt to your heart.  When your heart is wounded and left unhealed, it can cause you to believe a lie about yourself and/or God.  Agreeing with the enemy’s lies opens the door and gives a legal right for the enemy to form a stronghold in your life.

FTCM depends on the Holy Spirit to lead people step by step into new freedom as your heart is open to move forward.  Instead of dealing with the symptom of a problem such as anger or rejection, we ask the Holy Spirit to show us the open door or the root of the problem, so it can be identified, closed, and removed.

Generational Sins

God gives us everything we need in our DNA to fulfil our destiny.  He gives us love, security, divine purpose, the natural talents we need to reach our potential, and to every person a measure of faith to be saved and to reach the amazing plan He has for their life.  He gives us the gift of emotions as messengers.  We have the free will to decide how to respond to the messages they send to us.  Even fear can be a gift from God since it warns us of danger.

Without having godly responses to what we experience those emotions can turn toxic and cause us to miss out on God’s best for us.  When divine purpose and the other things God has given us are not affirmed in our lives while we are growing up, it can cause us to doubt.

We also receive things in our DNA from our ancestors.   Some of these are blessings that go for a thousand generations.  But sometimes these things we inherit are not so great.  They lie in our lives like covert enemy terrorist cells waiting to be activated when trauma comes into our lives.  We inherit tendencies toward certain behaviors such as numbing pain with addictive tendencies instead of godly solutions.

An example would be if you have alcoholism in your family line, you are more apt to become one than someone who doesn’t have it.  Another example would be suicide tendency, which you are 7 times more likely to have if it runs in your family line.

We know that science has proven that certain diseases run in family lines. They have also proven that negative emotions are connected to certain diseases and unhealthy stress-coping skills have been proven to cause much sickness.  Studies have also shown that when you respond in a healthy way to stress, it can cause you to have a stronger immune system.  It is not so much what happens to you, but how you respond to that!

Some examples in the Bible about generational sins following family lines would be that King David’s ancestor was Rahab the harlot.  We know what the main sin that trouble David and his family line was sexual sins.  In Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob it was deceit.  These things lie dormant until they are activated and can skip generations.

God loves us so much that He gave us His Word to show us if we follow His guidelines we can live under the umbrella of His blessings.  When our ancestors broke those rules, they went out from the umbrella of His protection and activated a sowing and reaping cycle in their lives from the enemy.  We can also curse ourselves by speaking things over our lives that don’t agree with God’s loving opinion of us such as, “I will never make it.”

Taking your authority as a believer with what the Word of God says about us, repenting for our ancestors’ sins and forgiving them and ourselves for them, we can find freedom from the power of generational sins in our lives.

Hurt Of The Heart

It is very important to receive healing from the wounds in our heart.  When you receive healing, it makes it so much easier to forgive.  We become aware of the lies we’ve believed, and God speaks the truth to our hearts with His healing touch, and comforts and encourages us.  It is not so much what has happened to us that causes pain, but the lies we believe about ourselves, caused by the wounds and their power in our lives.

The hurts are like fishhooks in our hearts.  Left alone or ignored, it’s like putting a bandage over them.  Every time someone bumps into that part of your heart, it causes pain not only from the present action but accumulated pain from the past.  That is why it is important to push through the pain, identify the lie that is like the barb on the end of the hook and cut the barb or lie off.  That allows the hook to slip out without tearing up or damaging the heart further.

We like the definition that addictions are a false comfort to a lie-based pain.  They numb the pain temporarily, but cause more problems in the long run.  When the lie is replaced with truth and the heart healed, you no longer need the false comfort.

Right And Wrong Thinking

The way we think is so powerful in our lives.  With our hearts healed and the lies exposed and healthy responses, we learn to renew our minds and align our thinking with God’s Word and opinion.  It is very important to break the cycle of wrong thinking, repent for believing lies.  Then we can replace them with the truth.  When you change the way you think, you change the way you feel.  When you change the way you feel, you change the way you act.  When you change the way you act, you change your life.  It all starts and ends with the way you think.

Words are so very powerful and with them you can heal or tear down.  We have seen and experienced for ourselves and others the power of breaking curses that we have spoken over ourselves and that others have spoken over us.  This allows us to cancel the legal rights and assignments the enemy was given when we agreed with the lies, and then break their power in our lives.

Spiritual Strongholds

After you have dealt with the first three areas and taken away any spiritual legal rights, you can close the door and clean house.  It is time to get rid of any strongholds that may have formed in your life and replace them with blessings.  FTCM walks people through this process and also teaches people how to do this on their own and how to walk in the new freedom they have found.

When we find healing and truth in our lives, it is like putting on the armor of God.   He becomes in truth a shield and fortress to us.  We can lift up our shield of faith and stop the fiery darts from the enemy.  Sometimes as an added blessing, we find ourselves healed in our bodies as a result of getting rid of roots that have opened doors to negative emotions that are often behind some sicknesses.

More detailed and further ministry, teaching, and training is available on these and other areas to help us walk in the gifts and individual and corporate callings and destiny God has for us all.  If you desire more information or want to contact us you can do so at [email protected] or call us at 541-206-4431.