Marcela (Oradea Romania)

My name is Marcela, I am a mom of four beautiful girls and a foster parent of two amazing boys. I am a christian since I was 16 and Ive been serving the Lord together with my husband in different ministries. I had a very rough childhood and that affected my future a lot, I was very sick for a long period of time. My daugther met Bob and Joan at the Salem church Oradea and she insisted on meeting them. We had two meetings together and it was such a blessing! At the first meeting they ministered me with presenting the truth and helping me remember and connect all the things that hurt me so much in my childhood. As an effect of  all the childhood trauma I used to have pain in all my body, wake up during the night time at the same hour feeling that someone is trying to kill me, and having no clear diagnostic from any doctor. After my first session with Bob and Joan I was delivered and a lot of physical pain went away, and also the waking up at the same hour in the night stoped. But after that meeting for the fallowing nights I started remembering more traumatizing experiences from my childhood and I constantly had a migraine. Meeting Bob and Joan for the second time, they ministered me and I was delivered! This ministry is so important, because most christians even if they serve the Lord all their lives they have things going on in their lives they cannot control, things that they were victim of or they inherited. I hope that you will come back to Romania and continue to ministry christians in need, because this is such a blessing! Marcela Sana