Rose (Sighisoara Romania)

Before going through this ministry, I heard many good things about Bob and Joan from friends. While I was visiting a friend in London, I had the opportunity to look into something they have written and I was like “this is so true… I totally agree. I want to have these things implemented in my life.” Therefore, our church group invited them over to have some seminars together on a weekend. All the things they taught were very deep and I was not keeping pace with it all, because I like to contemplate and soak it all in. That is why I personally came back to all that they told us and I was truly blessed beyond words. They taught on wholeness, the orphan spirit and whole- heartedness.

The best part was when I had the privilege to pray individually with both of them. I think what affected me most was how honest, open, sweet, encouraging and caring Bob and Joan are. They made me understand that rejection hurts the heart in many ways and can cause me to believe the lies of the enemy, which he uses to form a stronghold in me. All this matters because those strongholds can limit my walk with God, which for me is the most important thing in my life. There are lies (that the cross is not enough or that my value comes from what I do or what others think of me) which we have to face and declare the truth instead. I have also learned from them that it is good to cut every unhealthy emotional soul tie I had in my life. Even just talking about what was on my heart and sharing with them my struggles was immensely helpful and I felt as free as a bird afterwards.