Winter 2017-2018

Greetings from London!

We just spent a wonderful three months in Romania. Now we are in London until April 21. It was a time of very special fellowship and ministry with old and new friends.

The time we stayed with our friends Alex and Bianca was great fun and we did a lot of cooking and Bianca learned to make drapes and pillows and had so much fun that Alex bought her a sewing machine and she is taking classes now.

It was fun spending time with Julia and Cristi also.  Here are some of our friends at our Christmas party.  Check out Joan’s  new look.


On a trip to Cluj we met up with some young friends, Bianca and Florin (above), and met their pastor, Dennis. God has put an amazing vision in their hearts for the city. We could see how our friends had grown so much in the Lord and in their love for each other.

A trip to Sighisoara was a very special time meeting new people and seeing what God is doing in that city. It was a time of building some lasting relationships with these amazing people, the Schuster family, who have so much love in their hearts. We also had the opportunity to minister to a group there on an all day Saturday and Sunday morning meeting.   Our friend, Gyongyi, went with us and translated for us into Hungarian.  Elfriede (top below) and Rose (under below) two very special sisters from the Schuster family came to London to visit us and we hope they will come to the states one day along with Gyongyi.


Going to the gypsy village is always a joy. Alina and George have done an incredible job allowing God to transform the lives of the people there through them. It is not an easy job, and we always pray God to bless them for surrendering so much time and effort to see this happen.

We saw the 100 fruit trees were growing nicely that Jim and Linda had donated last year and in the fence were all the chickens who were likefertilizer machines for the trees since they were running around free range. They also had planted a field of corn to help feed the chickens and goats. They had seven goats that Nico was taking care of that gave milk for the kindergarten kids at the village. While we were there, two sets of twins were born and another set right after we left so now the herd has almost doubled! They are such pretty goats and the babies are adorable. There will be lots of milk for the village children.

Jim and Linda also gave money this year to buy 150 new chickens so that will be fun to see when the weather warms up a bit. It’s been really cold there this winter.

A very huge blessing came from our friend, Sally. She donated the money to buy a big tiller with attachments to plow the fields and it can also be used up in the village for the gardens there so they won’t have to be dug by hand. This is a very exciting thing and they can’t wait for the ground to dry enough to get out and start using it. They were going on line at the office there to watch all the things it will do. This is a long lasting life changing gift for sure to make life easier for them all.

For the sewing ministry there were new projects we brought for them and we were able to purchase a lot of new supplies for them to make them. It was so much fun making them, and nice to have new things so it’s not boring making the same thing over and over.

Two of the teachers and Meea modeled a few of the ponchos and aprons they made.




At Christmas and Valentine’s Day we had fun helping to make a party for all the village kids with pizza, prizes and gifts. We want to share the things we were able to do, because without everyone’s prayers and sharing we would not have been able to do all of this.

We were able to give money to help some people in need and also put a floor in a bedroom to make it warmer, help a young man with some seed money for a business he wanted to start growing raspberry bushes on his grandmother’s farm to sell.

Another big thing was the dental unit we all got for the village is still working very well, but they hadn’t had a dentist in awhile to use it. So the young lady from Brazil who was there before and did such a good job could come back for a month if she had money for a room and food. Thanks to everyone who helped us, we brought her back. It seemed to us a great investment to not let the unit sit idle when there is such a big need for it. So she is back again treating not only the gypsy village but anyone poor from the regular village where a doctor has let us use a room in his clinic and the sterilization unit.

Our friends from Tennessee, Pat and Jim, came over our last week and did teaching and sharing about nutrition, natural remedies and health issues. They were a very big blessing and touched many lives.

A young lady, Ligia, who is a graphic designer has helped us through another friend and also our friend Teo (pictured here) to translate our ministry book into Romanian. Ligia made us much nicer illustrations. We are trying to get that all set up while we are here in London. Teo has also been trained in doing FTCM and will carry on while we are gone.

While in London we are staying with our friends, Sebi and Robert, who are a huge blessing in our lives. We have also gotten to go to Ipswich to see our friends Dorina and Manu and some of our other young adult Romania friends who have come to work in London. Our young friend, Claudia, came to London some years ago by herself working and going to university getting her masters degree and is now working for the government and going to Saudi Arabia for the embassy this month. We are so proud of her. We went to dinner with her and Jim and Pat while they were here.

Our hearts are very thankful that the Lord has given us the health and provision to come to Romania so many times throughout the last 27 years. Our lives are so much richer because of the amazing people we have met and the love they have in their hearts. Our heartfelt thanks go to each one of you for the prayers, encouragement and help you have extended to us and to Romania. We have had the blessing of being the messengers and delivery people for all that you have given. May God bless you many times over for the giving hearts you have.


Bob and Joan