July 2018

Greetings Everyone!

This is an exciting month for us.  God opened the door for us to return to Romania for three months with the idea of applying for an extension to stay for six months.  Our son, Andy, gave us a wonderful present of using his miles to fly us there business class!  This is a very huge blessing for us.  Not only does it save us the plane fare but offers amazing comfort.  At our age to be able to stretch out your legs and not have them aching from being bend for so many hours is a very big gift.

Here are some pictures of Nico using the tiller this spring from the last trip.  He is one happy man using it instead of digging it all up by hand.

Already our trip has been blessed before we ever start it.  Another wonderful thing has already happened.  One of the new ladies in the sewing program and her husband and three children have been living in the typical shack there made of mud straw etc. This allows rats inside of the house.  They had $500 to start a foundation on a small but concrete block house that will be safe and warm.

We had money enough to send $1,500 in the FTCM account from doing ministry and from our friends who have helped us fund projects.  That will allow them to start putting up walls and hopefully be an encouragement to them.  The cost of building a home like that is $6,500 for materials and the family and others help with the construction.  In this way with them doing work on it there is more pride in ownership.

Below is a picture of a typical house and also one of the few new ones Caleb Foundation (that we work with in the village) has built.  Below is also a picture of the new couple being baptized this summer and of the land preparation where they will build the new house

Bob wants to train two new young men in the wood shop.  The ones who have been trained are now working which is great.  However, we want to activate the wood shop again using the tools that we all donated in past years.  Please help us by sending any new ideas for  craft/sewing projects for the ladies.  It would be awesome to do something with the teen girls who might be interested in sewing.   Two new ladies have entered the sewing project this past year.

As always we will be praying and ministering to people and have a couple people interested in coming over to teach.  Our friends in Tennessee, Pat and Jim, did a great job teaching and sharing on nutrition and healing herbs the last trip and hope to return and do more.  A couple others with special teaching gifts have also expressed interest.  Our hope is also for us to do some group teaching while we are there and partner and help others who are doing awesome things there.

Teaching some English classes at the village is something I am looking into.  What usually happens is that we go not knowing all we will do.  As the days pass the Lord brings people across our path and doors open to do other projects.  Being flexible seems to be the key.

It’s great fun to do a Christmas party when we are there each year and sometimes one for Valentines Day.  This year going while the weather is still nice, instead of November like last year, we are thinking of making a fun Saturday for the village kids bringing ice cream and having games like relay races, 3 legged and other ideas.  We are ordering some inexpensive plastic and ribbon medals to give the winning teams trying to be sure everyone gets a chance to win.  plus ice cream is a wonderful treat they very seldom get.

Fun is great but we are always looking for lasting impact projects that can change lives.  One of the best things we ever did was buy the portable dental unit.  The people were blessed with a new dentist coming to the village who used the unit.  many hundreds of procedures have been done with the unit and it is still functioning.  The impact on their health from this unit is very big.

Because our friend Ligia worked on our manual with better translating and graphic art we will be able to use the Romanian translation this trip working with our friend, Teo, (below) that we trained on the last trip.

Check out another very gifted young artist we know in Romania.  She’s is praying for breakthrough and would love to illustrate books.  We are really impressed with her talent.Her website is: www.instagram.com/jeanbalogh  Her head in the clouds is one of my favorites.

Please pray for us to have a fruitful trip free from accidents, sickness and for much energy to keep up with all those young people.  Gotta hold our reputation!  We value your prayers more than words can say.  There will be some traveling to probably at least two other cities and traffic there can feel pretty crazy at times!

One of our desires for years now has been to start a Prayer/Healing/Ministry room in Oradea where people can walk in from the street for help.  This would require us to rent and redo a space and have provision.  The Lord provides for what He plans for us to do and in His timing.  We are just waiting to see if He makes a way for it somehow on this trip.  We are praying for divine appointments along the way and if He might have someone there for us to partner with.  We would appreciate your prayers.

Big thank you’s to everyone who has helped financially with projects and for trusting us to pray and make wise decisions.  Being accountable to you all and Our Lord for what we do there is very big for us.  We hope you are all enjoying summer.  It sure seems to be flying past us quickly.

Many blessings to you all,

Bob and Joan Phillips