Andreea (Romania)

“I heard about Bob and Joan from my sister. She went at Freedom Through Christ Ministries program and told me how powerful the process was. Therefore, I immediately went there too! The FTCM had so much impact in my life. They helped me remember that the lies of the enemy don’t define us and they have no longer the authority in our lives.

Despite the traumatizing experiences from my past, how I was struggling with my emotions in my childhood when I was humiliated in front of the class, I understood my true identity in Christ, that I am a child of God. He is always with us, protects us, fights for us and how important is all of these. I learned that I can change the generational curses and break every chain by proclaiming the Word of God over me and believe that with all of my heart.

Also, they opened up my eyes about how to forgive myself and others, about the spiritual healing and fear, about how to let go a lot of things from my past and let God bring restoration in my life. I see God totally different now and I can’t wait to see the miracles of God in my life. All makes sense now and I feel so much better knowing that God set me free. Ultimately, they both prayed for me and now I feel peace and security knowing that God loves me and I am embracing my destiny God has planned for me.

I feel blessed I had the privilege to take part of it. I had a wonderful time there. I will never forget the meeting and I encourage you to not miss the chance and to make time to participate at least at one of it, because it is inspiring, no matter in what circumstances you are in this moment, it will be very useful in the future. Bob and Joan do an amazing job with ministry and motivate many people by speaking words of wisdom on their lives, because words have a great power. I am truly thankful for them!”