Greetings from Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.

In early February we felt led to move to Idaho.  Since we have come here we have found our new church home in The Cause Church.

We are currently working on a new booklet. This past year has probably been the most life-changing year for us since we started doing ministry.  It has been like a vast sea of possibilities have opened up for us to embrace.  We have prayed and asked God to enable us to incorporate these wonderful discoveries of life-changing truths into reality in our lives.

We are writing this booklet to share this knowledge of new scientific discoveries that agree with the Word of God and fill us with a sense of awe at how wonderfully God has created us to live a life of freedom and joy in Him.

We have understood about inner healing for years and experienced dramatic steps forward to freedom in the past.  For many years we have known the power of words and how emotions and beliefs and the chemicals tied to them are connected as root causes to disease.  There is just something about the new understanding and knowing about epigenetic and how genes work and the new discoveries about DNA that have opened up our understanding so things have clicked between new scientific discoveries and how Scriptures have come alive with a new depth of meaning for us and give us those WOW GOD moments.

It is also knowing what steps to take to activate the truths we have discovered in our lives.  It is great to know something is true, but how do I make it a part of my life and embrace it wholly so I see the fruit of it in my life?  What we have done is to combine all the Scriptures and truth with the new science we have learned.  We see things physically and emotionally and spiritually happening in our lives and feel a new sense of freedom and lightness in our hearts.  This new understanding has opened our eyes and hearts, changing and transforming us in a dramatic way resulting in an amazing turning point in our lives.

Science has unveiled some of the most incredible insights in past years about how things operate and work in both the seen and unseen worlds in us and around us.  These discoveries express the intense love and possibilities God has given us.  They invite us to explore His glory and His ways in a deeper understanding and sense of awe than ever before.  We find our hearts filled with a new sense of wonder and praise to our God.

We hope to have the booklet available in the next few weeks. The booklet will not only reveal some of the discoveries but also give you thoughts to consider, prayers for each area and practical steps to take to activate the truths in your life.

If you are interested in getting the new booklet, you can email us at [email protected] for more information.

Many Blessings,

Bob and Joan