June Update

Dear Friends,

We wanted to share with you an exciting new adventure we took this summer.  We hope you will join with us in praying for a great result from it.  It is with a new contact we made in Nairobi, Kenya Africa.  A pastor named Nicolas Onyango contacted us about our ministry.

As we communicated with him, he mentioned how 80% of the pastors in his network had no Bible School training.  This touched our hearts deeply.  Our good friends, Jim and Linda Feeney have mentioned for several years about a conference they go to each year with the International School of Ministry.

It is an organization that helps small churches that don’t have the teachers needed to start their own school. They can use ISOM’s materials for a Bible School.  They use well known Bible teachers on dvds with workbooks that are graded to offer five trimesters of training that gives them a certificate of completion and can also apply towards a degree.  It is translated into over 70 languages and has helped to start many hundreds of churches by raising up trained pastors to be sent out from local churches.

God blessed our ministry with the means to pay ISOM to send this program to Nicolas who has a call from God to start a Bible School with his network of pastors and churches.  We are looking forward with great expectation to see how God uses this in Kenya.  The people who take the classes pay a small fee guided by the economy in each country for the workbooks.  In Kenya the cost is $10 a trimester.  Three dollars of that workbook fee goes to ISOM, and the rest stays with the administrator for organizing the school and facilities, grading workbooks and sending information about each student to ISOM.  They do this to record information for presenting certificates and degrees for each student.

We are pretty excited to get updates from him as things progress.  Here is our latest email from Nicolas about receiving the hard drive with over 160 dvd teaching on it.  They can be used again and again for new students as they enroll.

Shalom Bob & Joan,
I trust you’re doing good, am so pleased to let you know that i received the package, it was delivered to me this morning by FedEx agent, praise be to the holy name of Jesus for it reaching me safely. Indeed i look forward for big impartation and impact in our lives through this course once i put up things together and laying down appropriate plan to see the school running successfully, will let you know what God puts in my heart and thoughts in establishing ISOM – Kenya, indeed it’s a great honour and blessing to equip our local pastors and leaders with this course. The lord bless you Bob and Joan for having this burden and i promise to walk this path with you faithfully and with high integrity in seeing the saints equipped and the kingdom of God growing. Blessings for now and lots of love.

Thank you for your prayers and counsel regarding the ministry.  We greatly value your input.  We pray your summer will be very blessed with divine encounters and lots of great memories.

Bob and Joan