Summer 2020 Newsletter

Dear believers,

It is our pleasure to tell you that Bible School has opened again in Kenya with a new class.  They will be covering five trimesters of Bible School with the funds supplied from our friends of Freedom Through Christ Ministries.  In July they will do Trimesters 1 and 2,  in August – Trimesters 3 and 4, and in September – Trimester 5

The students are young men and a couple of young ladies with deep enthusiasm serving God.  Pastor Nicholas is continuing to facilitate the Bible Studies and tells us they are serving God and on fire for Jesus to impact and transform their churches.  They serve in their ministries and churches as evangelists, deacons, and youth leaders and also in the worship team.

After this, they will probably have their graduation in early October.  They are very grateful for all of your help and covet your prayers that the teachings they are getting will impact their churches when they return home.

Lazareni Village

We are happy to share the pictures below to show what your giving created for the kids at the gypsy village.  They built an obstacle course that the kids are very excited about it and enjoying to the max.  It enables many kids to participate and feel challenged to complete it.

Because of all of you, we were able to help 110 kids in the village buy the school supplies they have been praying for so they can start school equipped to study and do their work.

Lazareni, RomaniaLazareni, Romania

[ Click here to see the video as well: Lazareni, Romania ]

Caleb foundation is also looking for a new sewing machine for the sewing workshop that can do machine embroidery for when they have large orders that need to be embroidered such as special bags with names or logos and uniforms.  We were able with your help to send money towards this new machine.

In the midst of crisis, God is still on the move and supplying needs and blessings His kids.  We are dissolving our 5013C that we have had in the past.
Even though we will not be using it anymore, we will still be doing what we have always done and will continue to do as long as God leads us and enables us.  It just won’t be registered with the government.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and help and ask for Father God to bless you beyond your dreams in the days to come.
God willing, we hope to be able to make another trip to Romania as things open up for travel to Europe in the future.  We did the trips for years before we were registered as a charity and know God will continue to supply what he wants us to take to bless them with as long as we follow His Spirit.

The best days are ahead for us all as we follow His leading and walk in His love!

Bob and Joan Phillips