Journey House is a dream that has been in our hearts for many years.  Over the years we have had prophecies spoken over us about having a resource/ ministry center.  It is not a church but a place for anyone from any church to come to for ministry.

For years it has come into our hearts but we never had the resources to build it or an open door for it.  However, the past two years the vision and need has grown stronger in our hearts.  People have come to us for help and when we ask why don’t you go to your pastor, we hear he doesn’t do what we need.

Through the years our paths have crossed with many gifted people.  Many of those people have no place to freely use their giftings.  We envision Journey House as a place where a team of people would work together and put on conferences and teaching on how to overcome being stuck in your life and the freedom steps to take to walk into your destiny and heritage from the Lord.

Journey House is not just a place to be taught about freedom.  It is a place where you can find assistance to walk through the steps you need to take.  So many times we are told what we need to do but not the “how” to do it.  Sometimes you just need somebody to help you as you walk through the steps.  Once you do that and have the tools you need, then it becomes easier to apply the steps on your own to other areas in your life.

Journey House would be a whole body, soul, spirit healing center including how to stay healthy with diet and natural herbs and renewing your mind to come into alignment with God’s Word.  We have wonderful, knowledgable, anointed people who can teach and help people walk through these areas of life.

We envision something like a camp where people can come and stay awhile and have a beautiful place to process what is going on in their lives and the new freedom they are finding to walk forward into the paths God prepared for them when they were a dream in God’s plan and heart before the foundation of the world.

So we invite you to pray with us as we believe the timing for Journey House is in this coming season.  We are preparing as much as we can with our present resources as we wait for God’s leading for our next steps.  We see a big need for a Journey House in Romania and also one here in the States.  So we thank you for the encouragement we have been given and the past prayers and support that has allowed us to come this far.

Many Blessings,

Bob and Joan Phillips