We were given a big blessing this summer when we met a pastor of a small church in Nairobi Kenya.  He had invited us to come to Kenya and do a conference about the teachings in our ministry. While we weren’t able to do that, we saw in his emails how 80% of the leadership and pastors in his outlying network had never had any Bible School training.  This really touched our hearts. Through some very dear and trusted long-term friends, we learned of some amazing ways God has used the International School of Ministry to train and teach people with no local access to Bible School via a series of 160 DVDs from well known bible teachers.  These teachings have been translated into 70 languages.  Hundreds of churches in many countries have been established by leadership brought up under these teachings.

Friends of our ministry helped us to pay for five trimesters of these teachings and workbooks from ISOM.  Another long term friend, Sally, in Alaska, who worked with us in Romania gave enough money to have five men in leadership from outlying very poor areas to go to Nairobi and pay for their room and board provided by Pastor Nicolas for the first three month trimester.

The school started the first week of August with eleven men and one woman including pastor Nicolas and his wife. A small beginning that can grow as they learn how to make it function.  When we saw the pictures of the very small screen they were watching it on, we sent money to buy a TV with a larger screen and cables to connect it to make the viewing better. Pastor Nicolas hoped to buy one this weekend. This teaching can be used over and over with new groups.  So we believe God will bring in a great harvest using this material.  Please pray for the students to be greatly blessed and used by God since they have left their homes to learn more and to be able to share with many others.

Read the latest letter that Nicolas has sent us:

Greetings beloved servants of God, am so honoured and pleased to let you know that ISOM – Kenya started yesterday 5th/Aug/2019 with ten students who reported from various regions of Kenya specifically for this course in Nairobi. They are pastors and leaders from towns such as Kisii, Busia, Kitale and Bungoma, so delighted indeed to say that the beginning was so good and impressing indeed as the students responses to the school were quite positive. Praise be to our living God in seeing what He initiated in your hearts and mine birthed in such timely and amazing way, thanks you also for your patience with me in doing all the necessary preparations until yesterday, our class is indeed active and quite interesting with everyone participating in discussions after every video teachings, we are in trimester one until 30th Oct,

Our classes begins at 9AM – 9PM weekly with tea and lunch breaks in between, the students have been hosted and accommodated accordingly with all the meals ( breakfasts, lunches & dinner ) provided to ensure that they are very much comfortable and in a conducive learning environment. Hope you find the attached photos a blessing, have also send you a video clip on messenger of one of the students from Kitale regions testifying of the beginning and the establishment of ISOM – Kenya, will send you more videos tomorrow.

Indeed these pastors and leaders are very much excited for ISOM – Kenya and are very much ready to grow in faith and to be equipped with these powerful teachings they are receiving here in Nairobi, i must be proud of you Bob and Joan for your big support and prayers in seeing this vision of training and equipping pastors and leaders in Kenya and beyond East Africa being fulfilled, indeed my heart is so humbled and glad for you dear friends. You have such a special place in our hearts and we are so honoured and grateful to have you in our lives indeed, may the lord bless you mightily, will keep you updated with the progress of the school, thank you once again, it’s half past midnight here in Kenya and everyone in the house seems sound asleep, heading to bed now after a very busy day with students, God’s peace be with you for now and we really appreciate for your prayers..bye ! bye !

Lots of love & hugs,

We are hoping to sponsor them for two more trimesters in the first class of students. They are poor pastors/leaders coming from the country so we are feeding and lodging them while they are there.  $1500 pays for the expenses for everything and they get to take it back to their churches and share what they learn.

Latest letter from Nicholas (Kenya):

Dear Bob & Joan,

Greetings beloved servants of God, sorry for the slight delay in sending you the names of the students, had some commitments since Sunday and all glory be unto God for somehow relieved now. As i mentioned to you on Saturday, the students are done with trimester 1, all of them did so marvellous and have gone for a break until November when they will be resuming back for trimester 2. Am still working on the grades and will send them to you and ISOM towards the weekend, here are the names and the regions they came from.

1. Bishop David Brown – Kitale
2. Lambert Abwoka – Busia
3. Benard Wafula – Bungoma
4. John Bwiyere – Kuria
5. Moses Onsongo – Kisii
6. Ibrahim Wafula – Bungoma
7. Emmanuel Mutisya – Bungoma
8. Bonface Malale – Bungoma

Perhaps you’ve noticed some changes in the duration of each trimester, depending on our monthly programming and timetable, we realise that we can cover at least one trimester in a month and couple of days possibly as we study in depth morning to evening sessions weekly with tea and lunch breaks in between, will also send you the attached document of the timetable. The lord bless you dear friends, we love you and you’re in our deep prayers and thoughts, say hello to your family and the ministry at large.